Arduino Compatible RGB 7-segment display new products released!

可相容 Arduino的RGB 七段顯示器 產品DEMO 圖片

  The new product showcased by OPTO PLUS LED CORP this time is a compatible RGB seven-segment display for ARDUINO. Traditionally, to control a seven-segment display through Arduino, besides programming the Arduino itself, additional control ICs or complex transmission circuits were usually required. However, L OPTO PLUS LED CORP has integrated all the chips inside the seven-segment display into a single control IC. This upgrade transforms the LED-containing seven-segment display into a modular display module. The control chip within the module allows the use of existing open-source code to write control programs, simplifying the circuitry beyond Arduino. This lowers the threshold for controlling an

Appearance of an Arduino-compatible RGB seven-segment display

  The current RGB seven-segment display compatible with Arduino has the same physical dimensions as the standard 0.56″ seven-segment display. The difference lies in the external pin configuration, which has been reduced from 10 pins to 4 pins. This simplification is achieved by incorporating a built-in single-line control IC to control the eight LEDs within the seven-segment display. Such modularization also simplifies external circuits beyond Arduino. The following two images depict the size comparison of the standard 0.56″ seven-segment display with a coin and a simplified diagram of the physical dimensions of the Arduino-compatible 0.56″ RGB seven-segment display.

0.56″ standard seven-segment display appearance size and coin comparison chart

Simple form-factor graphics for Arduino-compatible 05.6″ RGB seven-segment displays

Internal circuit of an Arduino-compatible RGB seven-segment display

  The internal circuitry of the Arduino-compatible RGB seven-segment display consists of two main components. The light-emitting element is composed of eight RGB LEDs, while the control IC connects these eight LEDs in a series to create a single-line controllable transmission interface. The method of connecting the LEDs is similar to how LED light strips are connected. By using the control IC’s sequencing, the luminosity and color sequences for illumination are transmitted and adjusted to achieve the desired control effects.

可相容 Arduino的RGB 七段顯示器的內部電路

Compatible with Arduino’s RGB seven-segment display and Arduino’s circuit connection

  The connection between the Arduino-compatible RGB seven-segment display and Arduino itself only requires three connecting wires. The DI (Data Input) is connected to Arduino’s control PIN6, while VDD (Power Supply) and VSS (Ground) are connected to Arduino’s VDD and GND pins, respectively. It is important to note that the DO (Data Output) pin is left floating, meaning it doesn’t need to be connected to any specific pin to successfully operate the RGB seven-segment display.

Compatible with Arduino’s RGB seven-segment display and Arduino’s circuit connection

Demo and Demo code for Arduino-compatible RGB seven-segment display

  Currently there are two demo videos of Arduino-compatible RGB seven-segment displays, as follows.

Demo short board video of Arduino-compatible RGB seven-segment display
Demo longboard video of Arduino-compatible RGB seven-segment display

These two groups of Demos use similar demo codes to write programs, mainly using Adafruit’s Neopixel.h library to write programs. The simple Sample code is as follows.

Sample code of Demo video for Arduino-compatible RGB seven-segment display


  OPTO PLUS LED CORP has recently introduced an Arduino-compatible RGB seven-segment display. This article provides an overview of the display’s appearance, internal circuitry, and connection to Arduino, along with a demo video and demo code. Currently, there are two models available: a 0.39″ single-digit standard seven-segment display and a 0.56″ single-digit standard seven-segment display. The development of multi-digit Arduino-compatible RGB seven-segment displays is also underway. For any inquiries or requirements related to RGB seven-segment displays, customers can contact our sales and engineering teams for assistance.

  OPTO PLUS LED CORP is a specialized manufacturer of LED displays, particularly excelling in the production of various seven-segment displays. In addition to fully customizable LED seven-segment displays, including custom digit sizes, digit counts, and surrounding icons, we also offer standard LED seven-segment displays with predefined appearances, dimensions, and digit counts. For more details, please refer to the OPTO PLUS LED CORP Seven-Segment Display Catalog.

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