LED Display
Manufacturing Technology

Opto Plus LED Corp. has own complete production line in Taiwan (include COB & SMT line), the production process control is a key factor for the quality, yield rate and reliability, let’s see what we have down on our production process control:

Die mount & Wire Bonding

Use automatic machine to mount the dice on the silvery epoxy, the wire bonding to connect chips on PCB. To make sure the quality, we implement one operator one auto machine and to specify higher pull force than industry spec.

SMT Line

Opto Plus has own SMT line in Taiwan to provide quickest SMT service. We have very closed and experienced PCB maker to support complicate PCB circuit layout design. Self-own SMT line, make our production more flexible and effective to produce the sample or mass production to support customer.

Reflector Process

According to customer design to tooling the reflector and do the ink printing on the surface, then, we process the epoxy to reflector. This kind of semi-epoxy reflector can be flexible for variety shape design or thin design to meet all kind of customer design requirments.


For LED product, the epoxy is a key factor for reliability. Dramatic variation in temperature might cause stress to LED defect, so, we designed the semi-epoxy reflector to assembly with PCB by hot press process for higher reliability request products. With years’ experience in developing semi-epoxy process, we can now produce very high reliability semi-epoxy products.

Electrical Test

After reflector process & assembly, the LED display need to do 100% electrical test. The test items include: Open, Short, VF High/Low, IR, uneven (color/brightness), light leak & foreign particles to make sure the quality.

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