Taiwan Professional LED Manufacturer

Opto Plus LED Corp. is a professional LED manufacturer in Taiwan. We can provide you one stop, total solution for all LEDs application, no matter from LED product design to complicate LED modules design. Our competitiveness is to provide the mess production services, complete LED product line, innovative product design, professional R&D support and stable quality to meet all customer’s requirements.

10 Years Experience to support top ranking customers’ LED application

Opto Plus LED Corp. has more than ten year experience to produce good quality LED products for many worldwide top ranking customers, it involves Home Appliance application, Motorcycle dash board application, Instrument & equipment…etc. We have complete Quality Management System & have been approved by ISO 9001-2015 to make good & stable quality for customer.

Standard LEDs


Standard LED Display

7-Segment / Alphanumeric / Dot Matrix / Capacitive Touch LED Display. 

Customization Service

Opto Plus LED Corp. has professional R&D team to cooperate with customer’s design requirements.  No matter it is standard customization products or fully customization products, we can always provide right suggestion to make the project success to approach win-win business.

Just need a little adjustment with standard products, then, it can be perfect meet your need.  Tell us your needs, let us solve it for you.

Full Customization LED display & LED module can offer a total solution whenever you want, we all can evaluate and design with our experience to optimize your product application.

More About LED Display

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About Us

Opto Plus LED Corp. was established in Year 2009 which is a professional Taiwan LED Manufacturer, and major products is included SMD LED, LED THT Lamp, LED Display include : LED 7-segment display , LED alphanumeric display, LED Dot Matrix display , LED Custom Display and Capacitive Touch LED Display.


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