We Make The Best Quality LED Products

Opto Plus LED Corp. has excellent R&D team that can design displays of various shapes or LED modules with Driver IC/MCU/Touch IC built in..etc. to meet the needs of customers.  So far, our products have been used to Medical industry, Dash Motorcycle industry, Home Appliance industry..etc.

Our Service

Complete product line for all standard LED products – In our website, there are complete data sheet for LED Lamp, SMD LED, LED display, customer can easy to send the inquiry for quote.

We provide service to do minor change from standard LEDs product to meet customer special demand.  You can please just let us know your demand.

We have experienced R&D team can communicate with customer to do custom design for LED products, from LCD to LED replacement project to IC built in or Capacitive Touch LED products…etc.

Why Us

Chip on board Machine line

Complete Production Line

Opto Plus LED Corp. has its own SMT(Surface Mount Technology) and COB(Chip On Board) production line in Taiwan which is not only high-precision automation equipment, but also experienced operators.

We have the best flexibility to deploy the labor and machines, so we can always able to catch up with the customer’s any urgent demand and make sure good & stable quality.

Professional Development Experience

With more than 10 years LED display development experience, let us can take care more details in customer need and mass production. On the other hand, we dedicate on solving common LED display defect,such as, Light leakage, Uneven color / brightness … etc, In order to provide product with good reliability for our customer. We use higher LED driving condition to our product to ensure good reliability.

Professional LED Development Experience​


Strict Quality Control

Opto Plus have completed quality management system for our production line. Our target is to provide good quality to customer.  During mass production, Every products need to pass more than 3 times electrical test.  Currently, we are able to commit our customer a 350ppm quality level.

International Communication

Our customers are all over the world, including the United States, Germany, Spain, and Turkey. We assist many products from design to mass production. In addition to our own factories and design services in Taiwan, we also integrate Chinese factories to provide the most suitable engineering advice and cost structure, the fastest communication, and the best service.
International Communication​
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