Full Customization LED Display

We have experienced RD team can support your requirements to design the custom products.

What is the Full Customization LED Display Products?

Opto Plus LED Corp. has more than 10 years experience in customization LED products. From color, plastic housing design to complicate modules design. LED modules with IC/CPU/Microprocessor/Capacitive Touch IC/Light Sensor, we all can provide our best suggestion or solution to your project.

Full Customization LED Module

To make the products thinnest or lightest, to build in the LED Driver to LED display can reduce the pin number and save the space for the motherboard. We have full experience & capability to design LED modules with LED driver IC. The LED Modules have been used for Home Appliance, Motorcycle Dash Board, Laboratory Instrument…etc. products. We own a complete quality management system and have been approved by ISO 9001-2015 and got good quality & design reputation from the field.

Customization LED Display

We can follow your demand to custom the LED color, shape, digits, emitting icon, size…etc., we also can follow panels requirements to custom make a display with related height or combination (such as PIN type, length, holder, the screwdriver assembly…etc.) for the customer. Opto Plus has enough experience to cooperate with customers to select the best solution for their mass production choice.

Application: Home Appliance

Most Customs LED displays to use in Home Appliance application value the appearance design and the operation temperature requirement. Most OPTO PLUS LED display product can be operating at 105 ~ -40 °C (degree celsius) and can be designed to various shape and dimension, colorful emitting color make the Home appliance products can be designed to be compact and attractive, but also long life and good reliability.

Application: Transportation

Opto Plus cooperates with Taiwan’s top-ranking motorcycle manufacturers for more than 3 years. Now many mass-production motorcycle dashboard products are in the market. During this period, We overcome many circuit difficulties in dashboard assembly while maintaining outdoor brightness and uniformity. So far, our dashboard display has become the industry standard and got good feedback from the market.

Source: Gogoro & Kymco

Application: Innovative Products

We own the patent for super-thin LED display technology and an experienced R&D team in the circuit and mechanical design. So, we already have the capability & experience to provide the best design advice and proposal for an innovative product, such as Medical equipment, Traffic, and the product need innovative mess production process….etc.

LED Display Customization Process

Step 1

Design Idea/Drawing

Information requested:

1. Product dimension / emitting color
2. Circuit design or pinout
3. Product Type (Through Hole or SMD Display)
4. Application / EAU

You can fill in the form as below Link, and send the form to sales@opledtw.com


Step 2

Sign NDA

Both parties sign NDA to protect mutual rights.

Step 4


Customer signoff datasheet and quotation. OPTO PLUS would start the tooling and sample process. Tooling charge: depend on the design.

Tooling schedule: in 4-5 weeks
Samples schedule: in 1 week after receiving materials
Total tooling samples schedule: 5-6 weeks

Step 5

Samples Approval

Approval: Inform approval of information by email or phone call.

Unapproved: To communicate with the customer for their comments & feedback to design engineer and rework.

Step 6

Mass Production

Lead Time: in 4-6 weeks

Touch IC and Controller IC

Capacitive Touch LED module is a very common design for home appliances & innovative products. We integrate the Capacitive TouchPad, Touch IC & LED display together, if there are commend from TouchPad, the Touch IC will inform the Microcontroller on the main board to perform the related function. When every time touch function, the LED can always perform different LED emitting and make the products more efficient.

LCD to LED Display Replacement

Although Mono color LCD is the cheapest & popular display solution. But if the application just needs to display a certain message, the LED display module is a very good product to replace LCD, due to LED can have better visual viewing angle, high brightness, low power consumption, long life and easy to tool for a different shape.

We have many experiences to cooperate with customer to re-design LCD to an LED display. At the same time, we also can cooperate with customers to evaluate the possibility to change the TFT LCD display to an LED display, with the same function, but to save about 40% cost.

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