Our Products

Our Major products are included SMD LEDs, LED Lamp, Seven segment display, Alphanumeric LED Display, Dot Matrix LED Display, Custom LED Display, Custom LED Module with IC built in and Capacitive Touch LED Display.

Standard LED Lamp


Standard LED Display

Complete types of product line includes 7-Segment / Alphanumeric / Dot Matrix / Capacitive Touch LED Display. 


Standard LED Display, LED module  & full Customization

Fast Delivery

Fast & flexible lead time to support any urgent demand

Best Quality

We have complete quality system, excellent product design, and experienced workers to provide stable and good quality products for customers.

Good Reliability

We have good products design and quality control can optimize our products reliability.

High Flexible R&D Design Ability

Any idea/shape/circuit all can be LED Display. Our RD team have Good design experience and good community capability to support customers’ custom products demand.

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