Standard Product LED Display Customization

If you cannot find the right products from our standard product line, just let us know your demand, we can do a minor change from our standard products to meet your demand.

What is Standard LED Products Customization?

    OPTO PLUS’s Standard LED display product collect the most common option for the industry, OPTO PLUS can provide these Standard LED display segment with good quality ,fast sample lead time and reasonable price. If your have rare application that just need to change some option. we can do minor change from our Standard LED products for you with very low charge and MoQ.

Standard Product Customization example -different color


Drive Current
Luminous Color
Brightness Level

Standard Product Customization example -reflector color


Surface Color
Digit Color

Standard Product Customization example -pin length


PCB Circuit
PIN Lengh

Standard Product Customization Process

Step 1

Customer Request

Customers can select from our website, or customers can provide a competitor’s spec. for cross-reference.Please provide EAU(Expected Annual Usage) / End-product application.

Step 3


After confirmation, we will sampling immediately and start delivering after about 5-7 working days. Your samples will be quickly presented to you.(If there is no stock, you may have to wait 14 working days)

Step 4


After confirming the sample specifications and ordering details, mass production will begin after payment is received.
Step 5


Custom display enters the mass production stage.Quick delivery of our own production line.

What advantage from Standard Products Customization ?

The advantage for Standard Products Customization is to reduce the tooling cost, MOQ quantity and to save time. Following are some example for reference:

Modify Standard LED Display to Multi-color display for less tooling fee and MOQ

For example, this is a 3 digits standard products red color LED display. If you need a multi-color LED display, To be specific, make one of this digit to be white color digit, OPTO PLUS offer these advantage for you:

 – Cost down 80-90% tooling cost from full custom LED display

 – Lower MoQ request for customer, General MOQ for standard Product Customization are  3K-10Kpcs or even you need lower MOQ, we also can discuss case by case.

 – Faster Lead time, Generally,OPTO PLUS’s Standard Product Customization can cut 40% ~70% the lead time from Full customization LED display,Which is 8-12 Week.

To increase Standard LED Display pin quantity or change internal circuit

Another Example, If you want to change one of the 3 Digit 7-segment circuit and add additional pin to easier LED display integration complexity with product. We got plenty experience for this situation, We will suggest the best solution for you to use less tooling and cost to achieve best integration with product.We also provide tooling cost cost down, Lower MoQ request and Faster Lead time. 

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