Why Custom LED Display might be a good replacement for LCD display? Two case study explain

Two case study :LED Display & LCD display

The most common LED display application was in White good or laboratory instruments to show simple characters like numbers and icons. It’s rare to have some article for other uncommon LED applications. OPTO PLUS present two of LED display application:

We collect two custom LED display case studies for the reader. Hope these case inspire you for your own product design idea.

A Single-color TN-LCD Display upgrade solution for LED Display.

Custom LED displays could upgrade the traditional TN-LCD (twisted nematic liquid crystal) dashboard to RGB and multi-color dashboard to have a better visual experience. The dashboard upgrade in Gogoro 2 to Gogoro 2 Plus will be an example.

gogoro S2 and gogoro S2 plus compare
Picture reference :▲ Dashboard upgrade from Gogoro 2 (TN-LCD Display) to Gogoro 2 plus (RGB LED Display) (Reference:氣象部落客勞倫斯
Video reference : Gogoro 2 系列發表會 5.25 精華版(Gogoro 2 series press conference) @ 20170525 ,Dashboard introduce @ 36:12 

An RGB TFT LCD panel or RGB IPS LCD panel cost down solution for LED Display

Custom LED display can be a cost down solution for RGB LCD Display. The tooling fee for LED Displays with custom shapes is much less than the RGB LCD Display. The price difference between Aeon AI-1 comfort and Aeon AI-1 comfort+ will be a cost-down solution reference.

Aeon AI-1 comfort +(with LED Display dashboard)
 Picture reference :Aeon AI-1 comfort +(with LED Display dashboard) Aeon official website ) 
 Picture reference :Aeon AI-1 comfort +(with LCD dashboard) Aeon official website ) 

AI-1 comfort /AI-1 comfort+ press conference 

(Introduce dashboard start at 44:13)

Video reference: 宏佳騰智慧電車 Aeonmotor|未來 與生俱來 Ai-1 Sport 全面來襲 (Aeonmotor promote video)


Two custom LED display examples mentioned above that Whether you want to reduce costs or improve the appearance experience, LED display can be an option to consider. OPTO PLUS LED corp. is a professional custom LED display company. We help our customers to design their custom LED display and mess product their display for 10 years. If you need some engineering support for a custom LED Design service. please contact Sales@opledtw.com for more information.

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