Case-study – Custom LED display and module

10+year Custom LED display experience

OPTO PLUS provides custom LED displays for more than 10 years, and we have 10+ custom LED display cases design and enter the mass production stage every year. From easy custom options, such as emitting color, outline dimension to complex custom options, such as embedded LED driver IC, micro-controller, touch IC, and sensor IC to LED display.

OPTO PLUS cannot reveal custom LED display design without the customer’s agreement, but we organize the commonly seen custom LED display option for readers. If you have a similar inquiry, please “Contact US” for support.

Custom LED Display option – LED only

If LED display only has LED with different emitting colors for customized outline dimension product belong to this type. OPTO PLUS can fully custom circuit, emitting color and outline dimension, such as size and number of digit and iconnumber or PINPIN length and holderscrew hole for assembly.

OPTO PLUS provides enough experience in custom LED display design to help customer to design the best solution for product development and mass production. If you have a similar inquiry, please see “Custom LED Display design flow” about design flow and “Contact us ” for support.

Custom LED Display module option – LED with driver IC or sensor 

As the custom products become smaller than before, LED display might occupy more real estate than before in end-product. If LED display integrates some product feature into the LED display. Not only does it reduce the complexity and real estate of the product motherboard, but also reduces the total size of the end-product.

Take the dashboard application as an example, a LED dashboard display has 100+ LED to display speed messages. Without integrate the LED driver into the LED module, the LED display might need a 30-40 PIN to control the LED. LED display with 30-40 PIN LED makes motherboard complex and hard to the layout. If LED display integrates LED driver IC with communication protocol, such as SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface), I2C(Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus), Number of the pin would reduce from 40 to 10. The integration of driver IC makes the motherboard easier to layout and reduces the complexity of the circuit. 

Generally, The IC built-in LED display module can reduce the 20+ of output PIN to reduce motherboard complexity. On the other hand, the LED driver IC also has the advantage to control uniformity and PWM function to tune each LED brightness… All-day visibility can be achieved by adding a light sensor to the LED display module.

Custom LED Display module option-LED display with Touch IC and controller IC

LED display, such as motorcycle dashboard display, only present speed information without any interactivity with customer. LED display integrate micro-controller and touch IC can create simple interaction with customer. To present more information customer need. Take the OPTO PLUS standard touch button LED display as an example. Use this button to control the light or some product feature to communicate with the motherboard.


OPTO PLUS organized three of the most commonly seen custom LED display circuit types. We make 10+ custom LED displays every year. If you are inspired by this article, OPTO PLUS provide custom display service, The custom LED display tooling fee is about USD 3600-10000 depending on size and complexity, you can also check this article “OPTO PLUS LED corp. tooling cost for Custom LED display and Customize standard LED display.” for other customized option that spends 10~20% of custom LED display tooling fee. If you have an inquiry about custom design, contact

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