Case-study – Custom LED display and module

10+year Custom LED display experience

  OPTO PLUS has been providing custom LED displays for over 10 years, and every year we design and bring more than 10 custom LED display cases into the mass production stage. We offer a wide range of customization options, from simple choices like emitting color and outline dimensions to more complex options such as embedded LED driver ICs, micro-controllers, touch ICs, and sensor ICs for LED displays.

  To respect customer confidentiality, OPTO PLUS cannot disclose custom LED display designs without the customer’s agreement. However, we have compiled a list of commonly requested custom LED display options for our readers. If you have a similar inquiry, please feel free to Contact US for support.

Custom LED Display option – LED only

  If an LED display consists only of LEDs with different emitting colors and is customized in terms of outline dimensions, it belongs to this type of product. OPTO PLUS offers comprehensive customization options for the circuit, emitting color, and outline dimensions, including size, number of digits and icons, number or PIN configuration, PIN length and holder, as well as screw holes for assembly.

  With extensive experience in custom LED display design, OPTO PLUS is capable of assisting customers in designing the optimal solution for product development and mass production. If you have a similar inquiry, please refer to our Custom LED Display design flow” for more information and feel free to Contact us for support.

Custom LED Display Module Option – LED with Driver IC or Sensor

  As custom products continue to shrink in size, LED displays may occupy more space in the end-product. Integrating product features into the LED display not only reduces complexity and motherboard real estate but also minimizes the overall size of the end-product.

  For instance, in a dashboard application, a LED dashboard display typically requires 100+ LEDs to convey speed messages. Without integrating the LED driver into the LED module, controlling the LEDs would require 30-40 pins, resulting in a complex and challenging motherboard layout. However, by integrating an LED driver IC with a communication protocol like SPI or I2C, the number of pins can be reduced from 40 to 10. This integration simplifies motherboard layout and reduces circuit complexity.

  In general, using an IC built-in LED display module can reduce the output pins by 20+, thereby streamlining motherboard complexity. Additionally, the LED driver IC offers advantages such as controlling uniformity and providing PWM functionality to adjust LED brightness. Moreover, adding a light sensor to the LED display module enables all-day visibility.

Custom LED Display module option-LED display with Touch IC and controller IC

  LED displays, such as motorcycle dashboard displays, typically only show speed information without any interaction with the customer. However, by integrating a microcontroller and touch IC, LED displays can enable simple customer interaction, allowing for the presentation of additional information as needed. An example of this is the OPTO PLUS standard touch button LED display, which can be used to control lighting or other product features and communicate with the motherboard.


  OPTO PLUS offers three of the most commonly seen custom LED display circuit types and produces over 10 custom LED displays annually. If you found this article inspiring, OPTO PLUS provides custom display service,. The tooling fee for custom LED displays typically ranges from USD 3600 to 10000, depending on the size and complexity. Additionally, you can refer to the article “”OPTO PLUS LED corp. tooling cost for Custom LED display and Customize standard LED display.” for other customized options that may require only 10-20% of the custom LED display tooling fee. If you have any inquiries regarding custom design, please contact

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