Explain how dot matrix display digits, English letter, and pixelated graphic?

Elevators, carriages, or advertising moving sign in everyday life use monochrome or multi-color dot matrix displays to display floor information, station current locations, and advertising information are very common applications, but dot matrix displays do not have the means to display all the details of each word and graphic, so must be rendered through simplified pixelated graphics, Arabic numerals, case English and Chinese Traditional. This article provide three most common types of display information for dot matrix displays and related example for reader!


Introduce each kind of 7-segment display, 16-segment display , and Internal structure!

The same is a seven-segment monitor, sixteen-segment display, there are different names in the industry, do you often feel troubled by this? This article organizes the common names in the industry, and explains its meaning to the reader, in addition to the introduction of seven segment display, sixteen segment display of the internal structure, so that you can faster understand a variety of seven-segment display’s, sixteen-segment display’s specifications!