Custom Driver IC Built-In LED Display - 1st Electric Scooter LED Dash Board
gogoro 2 plus RGB LED dashboard made by OPTO PLUS LED        gogoro 2 dashboard turn on outlook

LED DashBoard for Electric Scooter

All High Brightness White color LED mount

Driver IC Built-In



- No Light Leakage

- No Hot Spot

- Color & Brightness uniform

- Zener protection 

- LCD to LED Solution: 360 visibility


Further Info:
TN LCD display & RGB LCD display to LED RGB Display solution

- Tooling Cost
Roughly cost between Custom LED display and Customize standard LED display

- Design Flow

To eplain the flow for Custom LED display
gogoro 2 plus film  made by OPTO PLUS LED    

Video reference : Gogoro 2 系列全新上市!這樣騎、更聰明! (LED Dashboard demo start @ 0:17)

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