Custom Super Thin SMD Display - Oven controls (White Goods)
super thin reverse mount LED display embedded in Grass for Oven application

Custom Super Thin SMD Display - Oven controls (White Goods)

Type: Super Thin SMD Display

Size: 19.45 x 15 x 1.6mm

Plastic Housing Thickness: 1.01mm

Total Thickness of display: 1.6mm

Drive Current: 5mA

Reverse Mount Package



The customer can reverse mount the display into glass directly, and due to the thickness is thin, the glass can be thinner design and helpful for the customer to save the cost.

Even it is super thin with 1.6mm thickness only, the color and brightness can be kept uniform.

For White Goods application especially for an oven, even the operating temperature for chip spec. is at 85 degrees C, but plastic housing materials can afford 105 degrees C, so the display is workable under 105 degrees C.

Further Info:

- Tooling Cost

Roughly cost between Custom LED display and Customize standard LED display
- Design Flow
To explain the flow for Custom LED display

dual digit super thin display made by OPTO PLUS for home appliacne  super thin reverse mount multicolor LED display outlook for white good


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