Custom Driver IC-Built-In LED display - Motorcycle Dash Board
SYM DRG Dashboard display made by OPTO PLUS LED      SYM DRG dashboard outlook when turn on the motocycle

Custom LED Display for DashBoard

SYM Approved LED Factory

Type: Build-In IC Display

Current: 20mA


Advantage :

- Brightness Visible under the sunshine

- Dark Film (un-visible when no light up)

- Sensor inside

- Uniformity Brightness and color

- 360 angle of vision

- Tooling cost-competitive between TFT LCD and LCD

- Made in Taiwan


Further Info :

- TN LCD display & RGB LCD display to LED Display solution

- Tooling Cost

Roughly cost between Custom LED display and Customize standard LED display
- Design Flow
To explain the flow for Custom LED display

OPTO PLUS LED SYM DRG dashboard outlook

Video reference : 購車指南 SYM DRG(Dash board demo @ 1:08)

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Download: SymDRG158.mp4

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