Custom Super Thin SMD Display - Digital Meter
KOSO Voltage meter display made by OPTO PLUS LED
Custom Super Thin SMD Display - Digital Meter
Type: Super Thin SMD Display
Any Color available
Current: 20mA

Advantage :
-  No Hot Spot,
-  No Light Leakage
-  Uniformity Brightness and Color
-  Top Mount Package
-  No Cold Stake
-  Made in Taiwan

Even total height 2.5mm, the performance showed is uniform without hot spot problems.
Super Thin Design can help the customer to reduce cover thickness and save the cost.

Further Info :
-  Tooling Cost
Roughly cost between Custom Display and Customize standard LED display
-  Design Flow
To explain the flow for Custom LED display

different color super thin LED for KASO voltage scooter meter                      SMD Super thin display outlook made by OPTO PLUS LED for KOSO.

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