LED display design

Customize standard LED display design flow
Customize standard LED display design flow

[S1]Customer requests standard LED display 

Customers can select from our website, or customers can provide a competitor's spec. for cross-reference.

Please provide EAU(Expected Annual Usage) / end-product application


[D1] Customized request?

Can OPTO PLUS's standard product meet customer's requests?


[D2]Satisified customized offer or not?

Can OPTO PLUS satisfied customized offers? such as pin length, segment/surface color ... etc


[S2]To offer the sample

In stock: in 1-3 working days

No stock: in 10-14 working days

Delivery Method:

Taiwan: by post

Overseas: by courier at the customer's account number.


[D3]Sample approved?


[S3]Mass production 

Custom display enters the mass production stage.


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