Return & Refund Policy

Online shopping Return Policy
Merchandise Appreciation Period
In accordance with Consumer Protection Act, there is a 7-day conserve period (7 days including holidays) from the time the item arrives at your hand. Within the conserved period, you can return the good by no reason.
Please be award of that the conserve period IS NOT the trial period. If you are not satisfied with the goods received please Do Not unseal for use, and contact the customer service staff within 7 days .
In order to deal with your request more efficiently, please prepare the "order name", "order number", "contact telephone", "return and exchange of goods name", "return and exchange reasons and photos".
*If you have received a 5% VAT invoice, "Shopping Invoice is required when you return the goods"
Our contact information:
Customer Service
Customer Service Phone:886-2-2222-5698
Return and Exchange Notice
Returned goods shall be unsealed for use, or are not damaged or faulty due to non-human defects, and the complete original packaging (including the outer packaging carton) shall be retained, otherwise the return will not be accepted.

Returns are not acceptable if:
1. Over 7 days conserve period (7 days including holidays)
2. Merchandise has been unsealed for use, or damage caused by human factors, such as: contamination, malfunction, 
    damage, wear, abrasion, scratches, dirty.
3. The packaging box is a slight crease, does not affect the quality of the product    itself.
4. Returned goods packaging damaged incomplete, or invoices, accessories are not the same.
5. Your purchase are labeled specific customized products or no return condition.

Return Process
Contact us and fill in CCR Form à  Confirm to replace or return à Have completed samples package included invoice, pick up time and address à Pick up by courier or Logistics.

Refund Process
- Credit Card Payer: Once the return is confirmed, the payment will be swiped directly to the credit card account where the 
  original payment was made.

- Cash on delivery: Once the return has been confirmed, the refund fee is transferred to the bank account you provided.


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