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  • Does OPTO PLUS sell their product worldwide? What is the Shipping Fee ?
  • OPTO PLUS website sells their product not only in Taiwan but also worldwide. 
    OPTO PLUS website product price is for Taiwan. If the product sold worldwide, it might have some overhead for each product 
    The shipping fee outside would offer respectively after customers finish the online shopping process. If we have an agent in your area, we might redirect the inquiry to our agent.
    The shipping fee for Taiwan is NTD 100, if the product larger the normal size, the shipping fee would be renegotiated with customer.
  • When would OPTO PLUS LED product SHOP Start to sell product?
  • OPTO PLUS re-version our website in May,2020. Our shopping will be available by the end of May 2020. please stay tuned for the newest update.
  • How to buy product in OPTO PLUS website?
  • OPTO PLUS LED shopping step

    [1] Check Product Information

    • Check Product Information at folder Home->Products

    [2] Buy Product

    • Custom product can’t buy it directly. If you interested in these products please contact us to make your version product.
    • Standard products can be added to the shopping cart directly.
    • You can check your item in the shopping cart on the upper right page.

    [3] Shipping and payment

    • LED Product shop shipping only in US &Taiwan.
    • Payment- PayPal, credit card, and bank remittance.


  • Do I need to register to order product?
  • You can check out as a visitor and order without an account. However, if you have a member account of "OPTO PLUS LED CORP.", you can save the payment and contact information, we will send our newest information to our customers to keep our customers up to date.
  • What is the package for my product?
  • The retail product would package in a different type of package than bulk order.

    • SMD type product- antistatic bag + carton packaging.
    • Through-hole type product- foam + carton packaging.

    Bulk orders should check package information in the datasheet or contact us for special demand.

  • What if i don't get my product ?
  • Please Contact us for more information.
  • What if i get wrong product?
  • Please Contact us for more information.
  • Will I receive a copy of the invoice?
  • The invoice will be sent with the products. If you need to return or exchange the products, you need to "Contact us" to confirm the product status is good to return or exchange.

    After that, you should send the invoice and the complete product to us.

    Please also see return or exchange rules (link) for more detail.

  • What is the difference between standard products,customized standard products and custom products?
  • Standard products: The size and appearance of these products have become the standard in the industry, our company can sell this product to any customer.


    Customized standard products: Since our company is a professional LED manufacturer, we can make some fine-tuning according to customer demand. For example, Customized LED chip or color, Modify LED display type between a common cathode and common anode ... etc, You can also refer to the information in "Customize standard LED display design flow" to prepare the information to "Contact us" about the details.

    Notice: According to the customer's order quantity and demand, additional costs may be incurred.


    Custom products: These products are made according to customer's demand. OPTO PLUS would do a feasibility evaluation with customers. to find feasibility product specifications like size, color, film, circuit design. You can also refer to the information in "Custom LED display design flow" to prepare the information to "Contact us" about the details.

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