Introduce dot matrix display & Tokyo 2020 ‘ARIGATO’ font

Figure: Using 96pcs 5×8 white dot matrix displays (OPD-M58810W-GW) to display ‘ARIGATO’ and ‘SAYONALA’.

  In August 2021, at the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the final writing of a large yellow emitting dot composed of ‘ARIGATO’ (that is, Japanese thank you for the English Pinyin), on the one hand, thanks to the efforts of the various athletes, but also the last time the Tokyo Olympic closing ceremony written ‘SAYONALA’ (that is, Japanese goodbye English Pinyin), is the same font and form. The closing ceremony of 1964′ ‘SAYONALA’ can refer to the pictures in the official Olympic introduction article .

TOKYO 2020 Closing ceremony Twitter Post Form Olympic Twitter account

  As you know in everyday life, such fonts are represented mostly by dot-matrix displays made by LEDs, and display case English, Arabic numerals, dot matrix graphics, and Chinese Traditional, each with its own common format, and this article describes the names and types of the most common dot matrix displays and the display formats of various information.

The original name of the dot matrix display and it common alias

The definition of a dot matrix display on Wikipedia reads:

  A dot-matrix display is an electronic digital display device that displays information on machines such as clocks and watches, public transport departure indicators, and many other devices requiring a simple alphanumeric (and/or graphic) display device of limited resolution.

  The display consists of a dot matrix of lights or mechanical indicators arranged in a rectangular configuration (other shapes are also possible, although not common) such that by switching on or off selected lights, text or graphics can be displayed.

  A dot matrix controller converts instructions from a processor into signals that turn on or off indicator elements in the matrix so that the required display is produced.

-Wikipedia <Dot matrix display>

  In everyday life, dot matrix displays are most often used with black and white LCD displays, and LED displays are used in a variety of electronic products. This article focuses on dot matrix displays made with LED displays. Dot matrix display has a variety of different descriptions, just as mentioned in the seven-segment display introduction, each country will have a different name, this article collated the industry’s common nickname for the reader’s reference

  Because many LED matrix displays are used in everyday life, some are called LED Matrix, LED Dot Display, Dot LED Matrix, Dot Matrix Screen…

  In addition, a variety of electronic Scroll/Scrolling Text Marquee or Sign Display displays use a lot of LED dot matrix displays, so the above-mentioned nickname was produced.

Two characteristics to classify LED point matrix displays

  There are many kinds of LED dot matrix displays common in daily life, and this paper uses two characteristics to make a simple distinction, namely, the shape of the light-emitting area and the color of the light-emitting, respectively, explained as follows:

Distinguished by the shape of the emitting area

Round dot

Square dot

  LED dot matrix display made with square dot is less common than dots, but is mainly used in elevators, running lights, etc. need to display square numbers or English applications. Closing Ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games「ARIGATO」 the font used is a square dot matrix of 5×7 to display each English text. An example of an LED point matrix display such as can refer to Opto Plus LED Corp. 3mm5×7 Standard rectangular dot matrix display

3Φ LED THT 5×7 Square Dot Matrix Display | 1.2″ Matrix Height
Figures:3mm5×7 Standard rectangular dot matrix display Appearance

Distinguished by emitting colors

A full-color RGB LED dot matrix display

  Such displays are most commonly used in store billboards, or all kinds of traffic signs, in addition to full color, usually there are larger size, more light-emitting points and small point size and so on, the information displayed on the display to graphics, high-resolution text-based, more horse-running lights function.

Figure: Taiwan MRT carriages are used to display information about each station, using a full-color LED dot matrix display

A monochrome or two-color dot matrix display

  Such displays are most common in the need to display information, but information is relatively simple or low-cost demand for consumer electronics, such as elevators, small low-cost running lights, other common features are: size to small and medium-sized mainly, light-emitting points are not many, to display single-row English or number-based, light-emitting color to monochrome more, but also two-color applications.

Figure: The two-color square dot matrix display used in the elevator to display up and down the sign and the number of floors

What information can a dot matrix display displayed?

The dot matrix display can display pixelated graphics, digital, English and Chinese, individually described below:

Use a dot matrix display to display pixelated graphics

There are usually two ways to use a dot matrix display to display pixelated graphics.

After the high-resolution graphic is pixelated, it is displayed as a dot matrix display

  We use the Pixel Art tool to express high-resolution graphics, pixelation will lose the characteristics of detail, the following image of the exhibition photoelectric LOGO for example, you can see that if you use more points of the dot-distance array display, you can restore more details, if the product application needs to display very detailed patterns, you must choose a multi-point point matrix to be more complete.

Figure: Use the Pixel Art, and use two zoom values (pixel size) 0.15 and 0.05 to pixelate the LOGO of the spread photoelectric.

Displays a simple graph with a fixed number of dot matrixes

  This is to determine how many points to use, above the dot matrix, sketch out the pattern you want to represent, and then use a dot matrix display with enough points to display, you can use an app like piskel contours or an app like dotpict to create the desired graph, and then use an LED dot matrix display with enough points to display. The following icon uses dotpict to draw a link to the exhibition OPTO PLUS LOGO works drawn using the dot matrix of 32 x 32, and the following image is the final graphic.

Figure: Using the 32 x 32 dot matrix hand-drawn exhibition photoelectric LOGO (link)

Using a dot matrix display to display English/ Numbers

  To use the fewest dots to display capital English, lowercase English, and numbers, 5×7 points are the most commonly used format, in the case of ‘ARIGATO’ written at the closing ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, it is presented in a square dot format of 5 to 7. You can refer to the  5×7 dot matrix font  font samples available on the network, and other common formats are 5 x 9, 7×5, smaller 3×5, 4×6 are also used, mostly for LCD displays on computers, most of which are displayed in black and white LCD displays.

TOKYO 2020 Closing ceremony Twitter Post Form Olympic Twitter account
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Image-3.jpg
Figure: A 5×7 LCD dot matrix display (Wikipedia link) that can be used for a vending machine or an older phone

Use a dot matrix display to display Chinese

  Referring to this article in justfont mentioned about《Speaking time:Chinese dot matrix 》, we can know that the minimum dot matrix that can display most Chinese words is 16 x 16, in addition to 24 x 24, 32 x 32, 64 x 64, 128 x 128 and so on, more points, you can display more complete Chinese details, the difference details can be referred to the following illustration.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Ncrg417.png
Figure: Using three different dot matrixes (16 x 16, 24 x 24, 36 x 36) to display the model book, the letter, and the imitation of the song (the original image is from  justfont’s 《Speaking time: Chinese dot matrix講古時間:中文點陣字型》 )


  The Yellow Light 5×7 square dot matrix display used in the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games is simulated with the TFT screen, but in fact, as long as the use of LED square dot matrix display, you can show such an effect, if your product has such a demand, you can use the contact form, or send a letter to the [email protected], let OPTO PLUS Corp., with more than 10 years of experience, to assist you to design the most suitable LED display for your application.

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