LED display design

Custom LED display design flow
Custom LED display design flow

[C1]Customer design idea/drawing 

Information requested:

1.Product dimension / emitting color

2. Circuit design or pinout

3. Product Type (Through Hole or SMD Display)

4. Application / EAU



[C2]Provide preliminary drawing 

Custom products are made according to customer's requests. OPTO PLUS will evaluate feasibility with customers, and discuss details like size, color, film, circuit design.


[D4]Sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Both parties sign NDA to protect mutual rights.


[C3]Provide proposed datasheet & quotation

OPTO PLUS would discuss with customers and provide detailed datasheets and quotations.


[D5]Datasheet and quotation are approved or not?

Customer signoff our proposed Data Sheet & Quotation or not?


[C4]Start the tooling and confirm sample schedule.

Customer signoff datasheet and quotation. OPTO PLUS would start the tooling and sample process.

Tooling charge: depend on the design.

Tooling schedule: in 4-5 weeks

Samples schedule: in 1 week after receiving materials

Total tooling samples schedule: 5-6 weeks


**if any special request in the schedule, please highlight.


[C5]Samples Delivery

Shipping Method:

* Taiwan: by post.

* Oversea: by courier at the customer's account number.


[D6]tooling samples Approval?

* Approval: Inform approval of information by email or phone call.

Unapproved: To communicate with the customer for their comments & feedback to design engineer and rework.


[C6]Mass production 

Lead Time: in 4-6 weeks


[C7]Discussing between OP & customer





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